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3 Things to Consider Before You Color Your Hair

Before you color your hair, be sure to consider your options. Know how to keep the color from fading and make sure the color you choose is right for you.

The decision to color your hair is a big one, even if you’ve had your hair colored before. You want to make sure the color is one you’ll be pleased with. Though you may already have a color in mind there can be many things to consider in order to ensure your complete satisfaction.

For example, every hair color comes in a wide array of shades. Your original hair color can have an impact on the share your new color turns out to be. That’s one reason to ensure you’re using the right technique. How you’ll maintain the color is another consideration to make - if you want that perfect shade to last.

Have you found the right color?

There are so many different ways to color your hair that it’s important to be certain you’ve chosen the best look. You want to make sure you have the best hair color for your skin tone, for example. Not all advice on how to know what color to dye your hair is sufficient or accurate, however. Be sure to get your information from a reputable source.

Research might not even bring the answers you need because there can be factors that apply to only you and your unique situation. That’s where a professional colorist can come in handy. They can give you a consultation and help ensure you get salon quality hair color that serves you well.

Do you have the right technique?

There’s a lot to know about coloring hair. Those at-home hair coloring kits may make the process seem simple, but they don’t always leave you satisfied. And having to do trial and error with those products can be disastrous for your hair and your style.

The technique used to color your hair can have a big impact on the results you get. And there are a lot of questions that may come to mind, such as , ‘do you cut or color your hair first?’ and, ‘should you color your hair clean or dirty?’. You may even find yourself trying to figure out how to get hair color off your skin. Many get around these issues by having their hair colored at a salon.

Do you know the maintenance requirement?

Finally getting your hair to that perfect shade is an experience of bliss. You want that brand new color to last as long as it can. So how do you keep your hair color from fading? That’s something you may want to know before you color instead of after.

Proper maintenance of your hair color starts the moment the color is achieved because you want to make sure it stays as close to that shade as possible. What you do to maintain it, including the hair care products you use can depend on that color, the condition and texture of your hair, and even your daily habits. A professional stylist can make the recommendations you need to keep your hair color vibrant as long as possible.

Although the decision to color your hair, including what shade you should get, is a big choice to make, there’s a lot you can do to ensure that you’ll be happy with the outcome. Be sure to do your due diligence in researching and finding answers to your questions, and consider consulting a professional. We at Halo Salon are here to help!